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I am the Director of Internal Communication and Company Culture for Insider Inc, home to Business Insider, INSIDER, and other awesome brands. My work appears on Business Insider, INSIDER, Tech Insider, and our corporate company site and I have written about professional development, technology, books, and company culture, as well as opinion pieces.

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It Will Set You Free

Seventeen-year-old Ashling has always been a small-town girl, so when her home life blows up and her mother reacts by whisking her off to Brooklyn for the summer, Ash is forced to leave her simple life on a quiet street behind.

At first, Ashling refuses to leave the apartment – until her cute neighbor, Andy, coaxes her out of her solitude, taps into her creative side, and shows her everything the city has to offer. Ash has no sooner decided to give the city (and other people) a chance when she’s burned again: this time by both her father and Andy.

Just when Ash is ready to give up, her favorite community art space is faced with closure. Will Ashling be able to devise a plan to save it before it’s too late?

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What if the magical world you loved was real? Twenty-six-year-old Roux asks herself this question all the time, whether it’s at her crappy job, while she’s dealing with her uninterested boyfriend, or when her well-meaning parents ask her what exactly she’s doing with her life.

A superfan of The Mage World book series, she has used the fandom as an escape for years, but the magic of the mage music shows, chats about the book series, and academic conferences is wearing off. Then she gets to the end of the series for the hundredth time and finds out that the magical world she fell love with is not at all what she thought it was. THE GOOD PART will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell and anyone who is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter.