Harry Potter Fandom

I am involved in the Harry Potter fandom in a number of ways.


The Harry Potter Conference at Chestnut Hill College

I present at the Harry Potter Conference at Chestnut Hill College. In 2016, I presented a paper entitled  “What Happens to the Snitch Doesn’t Stay on the Pitch: Quidditch’s Narrative Mirroring in the Harry Potter Series” and you can find that presentation here. In 2017 I presented a paper entitled “The Weasley Children & the Seven Deadly Sins: Finding Fault in Everyone’s Favorite Family”.


The Harry Potter Alliance

I am what is known as a "wizard activist" - I use the power of positive fandom and elements from our favorite stories to inform my social justice work with the Harry Potter Alliance, a social justice organization that uses the power of positive fandom to enact social change. I am the former chapter organizer and now a member of the NYDA, New York City’s community chapter of the HPA.


The Granger Leadership Academy

I present at the HPA’s Granger Leadership Academy each year. In 2017, I presented a workshop entitled “The Art of the Humblebrag: Developing an Elevator Pitch to Let Everyone Know Just How Awesome You Are”. In 2018, I will present a workshop entitled “Friends, Waffles, (Net)work: How to Network Strategically to Build Your Community and Achieve Your Goals”.